Hydrate and Detoxify More Efficiently

By now, you will be familiar with the need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily for optimum health. However, the truth is that the value of water for your health is not in the quantity you drink, but rather in the bioavailability and permeability of water.

If your water is not in a good state - your hydration, detoxification and wellbeing will be compromised. Conversely, if your water is structured and bioavailable on a cellular level, you will feel revived. If you stop and think, you will be able to remember numerous times when you have drank water, yet left still feeling dehydrated.

You see, we all need to understand that water has a unique molecular structure. In certain natural phenomena, water is subjected to swirling, agitation, electromagnetic charge (i.e. lightning strikes) and spiralling motion.

These activities can lead to water becoming highly energized and forming repeated, coherent and geometric molecular patterns. In such cases, a water crystal is formed. Like fish flowing together in a uniform manner in the sea, structured water molecules are mobile, yet synchronized. This is structured water, also known as water which is organized, vital, optimum and of a liquid crystalline state.

Liquid crystals are a special phase of matter. Like solid crystals, they can transmit signals; the repeating pattern provides an efficient pathway for the smooth flow of energetic information. Liquid crystals are flexible and many times more responsive than solid crystals. So when it comes to structured water flushing out waste from our bodies and transporting healthy information to our bodies cells, no other water compares!

Extremely eco-friendly, this device will produce liquid crystalline water for as long as you live and if properly cared for, will never need to be replaced! It will neutralise most toxins and pathogens found in your regular household water supply, disarming them, helping you stay healthy and fight sickness for years to come.

The structured water it produces, will also absorb quicker into your body, allowing you to stay better hydrated, absorb more vitamins and minerals from food washed and prepared in it and help boost your immunity to disease. In addition, all of your cells will communicate much better, leaving you feeling more energised.

Why it’s important to stay hydrated

Good health is determined by the ability to absorb water (hydration). When cells lose flexibility, aging begins – a child is 86% water which is reduced to 65% as we age. No wonder Alzheimer’s and Dementia are on the increase – our brain is 96% water and you can imagine the effect as it loses its' ability to receive water.

Dehydration is the main culprit in aging and most diseases, with a majority of us being dehydrated without even realising it. As this continues, damage is being done to our bodies on a consistent basis. We hydrate best by drinking structured water, eating high water content live-foods and when we immerse in vital water.

To take in the amount we require, it is essential to have the water ‘soft’ – that is with a low surface tension. ‘Hard’ water is not only very difficult to get through the cell walls, it takes a LOT of energy to try to do so – and it usually has accumulated toxins and chemicals in it that make it harmful once some of it does get in...

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This unit will make your water softer, which will then dissolve the nutrients in your food better and thoroughly flush out from your cells, including blood vessels, joints and intestines, all of the accumulated waste that has built up over the years. Get one of this units today and give yourself a fresh lease on Life – GUARANTEED!!!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30 day, money back guarantee

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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