The Natural Energy Earth Mat harmonizes harmful energies (i.e. chemicals, man-made electromagnetic frequencies such as microwaves, wi-fi etc.) from food and beverages, charging them instead with natural electromagnetic energies of the earth.

This enables our food and water to be easily absorbed by our bodies, maximizing the nutritional benefit to eating and drinking.

The products have at least 12 Earthy Gemstones and minerals which feed, cleanse and protect your body’s cells.

Additionally, the Natural Energy Food and Drink Mat are infused with a minimum of poignant plant essential oils which which energize your food, body and beverages! So experience these beneficial energies for your wellbeing today!


• Natural Energies from crystals and essential oils

• Raises the natural energies of your body, food and drink

• Balances energy in food, drinks and body in minutes

• Protection against negative electromagnetic energies

PRICE: £60 (inc. P&P within the UK) |