It is becoming widely known that water is the primary information carrier. Vortex is a well-known whirling phenomenon within the nature which breaks down water molecules into a small and organized structure, whilst invigorating it & erasing inorganic and negative information stored within the water. Additionally, water which has undergone an intense vortex process is more easily able to hydrate your bodies cells.

Austrian Physicist Viktor Schauberger found that natural spring water is not constrained to straight pipes, but free to move in an imploded (inward) manner. Living water moves to its own uninterrupted rhythm in turbulences and in whirlpools, releasing it´s health, vitality and natural light & electromagnetic energies.

The Magnetic Vortex Hydration Cup allows water to cleanse, revitalize, and be magnetized at the press of a button, releasing and activating any bound oxygen and hydrogen into the water. This produces biologically living & truly hydrating water at a cellular level which your body can easily recognize and utilize for your overall wellbeing!

The Magnetic Vortex Hydration Cup restores water to its natural state, close to the state water was in the beginning before the advent of man-made chemicals, drugs, electro-smog and many other pollutants. Living water is water which truly hydrates, detoxifies and raises our overall energy levels.

After treating your water with this vortexing magnetic cup, you will be left with softer, lighter water which has an improved taste, feel and quality. This means that once you have bought this cup, you can enhance the water you are presently drinking.

Now that's something to smile about!

INSTRUCTIONS: Just push the bottom to activate the whirlpool effect and the magnets under the cup will soften your hard water, leaving it feeling smoother and in resonance with what your body was born to thrive on - cellular water.

Push again to stop it. For optimal results, we recommend you vortex your water for at least 33 seconds.

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