• Produces structured and healthy water
  • Produces highly energized and hydrating water
  • Increases nutrient delivery absorption
  • Maintenance free
  • Reduces or eliminates limescale
  • More efficient cleaning
  • Saves on water heating costs
  • Improved appliance efficiency
  • Requires no chemicals and electricity
  • Enjoy silky smooth showers and baths
  • Appliances and plumbing parts last longer
  • Fish tanks, showers and bath tubs stay cleaner
  • 15-30% Increased Crop Yield


Most tap, bottled and filtered water today is de-energised through being restricted to straight pipes and the structure of water molecules being destroyed. If you want to transform the quality of your water into a highly energized state with increased hydration and health-enhacing frequencies, then the Hydreva Structured Water Unit is for you!

This is the only patented stuctured water unit which is proven for over 20 years to produce eco-friendly and pH balanced, living water. The Hydreva Water unit restructures your water by raising its vibrational energy using vortex motion and magnetic coated ceramic beads embedded with health-enhancing frequencies which are in resonance with all living things.

If you've tried drinking hard and de-energised water which is distateful and still leaves you dehydrated shortly after consuming it, or are even tired of spending a lot of money on water softeners, chemical salt blocks, wasted water use, broken boilers and unexpected plumbing repairs due to limescale, then The Hydreva will give you enhanced water quality and energy water which The Creator intended all of mankind to enjoy!

This kind of water will leave you and everything which it passes through in a more lively, balanced and optimum state, where it can more easily can hydrate, detoxify and energize your body, pets and plants. Additionally, structured water significantly reduces and inhibits the formation of limescale, and saves you a lot of money long-term which you would have used for soap, cleaning agents as well as increasing the longevity of water-reliant household appliances.

Structuring your water into a coherent and more balanced state is complimentary addition to a domestic water filter, reverse osmosis system or water softener as it goes a step further than traditional water purification. This is achieved by subjecting water to the vortex motion and infusing it with natural electromagnetic energy which has been proven by Austrian Physicist Viktor Schauberger to mimic the way water is energized in nature and remove the negative energetic imprint of chemicals, toxins and other pollutants which is a main contributor to dis-ease.

Cellular dehydration is a major contributor to cell damage and premature ageing. Pre-treating your water with the Hydreva Water Unit significantly increases its hydration levels, due to the newly decreased surface tension in the water.

In order for your cells to acquire the proper hydration, the surface tension of your drinking water needs be lower than the surface tension of your cell walls. This water revitalization unit will help you provide your body with one of its most essential needs – hydration and energy!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 90 day, money back guarantee

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

PRICE: £375 (inc. P&P within UK) |