Flow As Water Flows

Structure can also be induced in water with sound frequencies and with magnetic fields. Nature uses a combination of methods to structure water. When magnetic fields, turbulence, and ionic minerals are present in and around cool water, the result is stabilized molecular structure which is capable of holding informational patterns for a very long time. Light frequencies (sun, moon, and stars), and the sounds of nature (crickets, birds, etc.), bring the full complement of healthy frequencies to water in its natural setting. This has been referred to as full spectrum living water – ideal for human consumption.

Structured water is the canvas on which informational patterns can be imprinted. Nature uses movement (turbulence), vortexes, and the incorporation of minerals and gasses to create a stabilized canvas on which to incorporate the full spectrum of life-giving frequencies. When we use these same elements, it is easy to give the structure and the life force back to the water we drink.


Nature uses water to deliver healthful information to all of God’s creatures. Water was intended to carry: nutrients to and waste from all of our cells; the vibrations/energy of the Earth and the cosmos, which scientists have determined are necessary, if we are to remain in harmony and balance. Water literally has the capacity to keep us in tune. In a similar way, we can use water to carry individualized information—our own perfect medicine to support us with unique health challenges.

This is the water medicine that many scientists have predicted. Today, it is a reality—and it is not difficult to make, or to incorporate in a daily routine. The book, Dancing with Water, brings together all of the science and it includes many ideas for creating powerful, personalized water remedies using the Vitalizer Plus and other methods. You can read more or order the book online at Dancing With Water.

A Summary of Turbulent Waters: (Original Article by Allison J. Cleary)

Recent studies are debating the age-old '8 glasses a day' rule. Heinz Valtin, a kidney specialist at Dartmouth Medical School, suggests that for the average healthy adult, living a sedentary existence, 6-7 glasses of fluid a day should be sufficient.

However Jaqueline Chan, a researcher on the Adventist Health Study, strongly disagrees. After tracking the health and lifestyles of more than 20,000 Seventh-Day Adventists in California, she found that higher water intake was related to a much lower occurrence of fatal heart attacks. Chan believes that increased water intake will thin blood, reducing the risk of a fatal heart attack by as much as 50%.

Contrary to Valtin's claim that all fluids can count toward your total, Chan's study demonstrated that those who consumed milk, caffeinated beverages, juices or sodas were twice as likely to fall victim to a fatal heart attack than those who consumed water.

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