Why is water important?

The blood in our body consists 90% of water. The blood takes on an important role, supplying oxygen, nutritive elements and minerals to each organ, and carrying the body wastes to the excretory organ; if it cannot dissolve the various matters, it also cannot do those things.

You can never over-emphasize the importance of water on ecosystems in the world. Humans and all other creatures in the world, cannot also live without water. The body, tissue and internal organs of all living organisms consist of water, and they must keep on being supplied with water, because water can produce the physiology state and metabolism.

Why Do We Get Old and Suffer From Diseases?

As iron gets rusty by a chemical reaction with oxygen, we are also getting old and our immune systems are debilitated by body wastes and active oxygen generated by metabolism from the moment we are born, therefore, we are suffering from diseases, such as cancers, diabetes, skin diseases, etc.

Why Should We Drink Alkaline Water?

As our ancestors enjoyed the alkaline foods like vegetables and spring water for good health and for long life, alkaline water is needed to discharge the waste products and to remove harmful acidic toxins (the main reason of cancers, diabetes, hypertension, atopic, dermatitis and etc.) in the body.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals as unstable oxygen, are the principal agent for causing all kinds of diseases and aging. They acidify our bodies by attacking healthy cells with their destructive power.

Why Do The Free Radicals Have To Be Removed From Our Bodies?

Free radicals cause irreversible cell damage and can leave your body vulnerable to advanced aging, cancer and chronic disease. So if we want to maintain more youth and health, we can remove the harmful free radicals from our bodies by drinking BioCera Antioxidant Water.