Negatively Charged

The electrical charge of ionized water is referred to as the ORP, and is measured in milli-volts (mV), with the output of the water that you are drinking always holding a negative electrical charge, thus “- mV”. Water ionizer marketers rarely state their output ORP, yet it is the most important factor, and truest indicator of the performance of the ionization cell. Typical ORP values for water ionizers are between -200mV and -500mV, which is a very wide performance spectrum.

This negative electrical charge is essential to the health of our blood cells. Blood microscopists observe under the microscope that when our blood cells loose their electrical charge, they clump together and don’t move freely. Drinking alkaline ionized water, charged with hydroxyl ions, rapidly revives blood cells and sees them moving freely bouncing off of each other as healthy blood cells should. Living bodies are electric, and when they die, that electric charge is gone – after all, one of the major techniques applied to revive you is to place electrodes on your body and try and start you up again like a car battery.

Supporting your Hydro-electric Cells!

Coming back to each of our wonderful bodily cells, the interior of each cell is actually acidic. The mitochondria - the power producer of the body - swims in a sea of acid inside the cell’s membrane. Outside however, the interstitial (between cells) fluid is saline, alkaline and mineralised. This is the fluid that transports nutrition to the cells. A cell allows glucose in after checking it with its many receptor antennae that swim in the alkaline interstitial fluid. Once inside, the mitochondria consumes it and converts it to energy - electrical energy. Here’s where the minor miracle of life repeats itself billions of times a day.

Acid is positive, alkaline is negative. This permits the cell to pass the energy as electricity from positive to negative, just like a car or household wire passes power! So it’s incredibly important for the interstitial fluid to be alkaline.

Antioxidant Water

Free radicals are unstable molecules with an electron missing which cause damage to our cells and DNA. Ionized water is full of oxygen molecules with an extra electron, which stabilise free radicals by donating an electron. This makes ionized water a potent antioxidant in liquid form that is easily absorbed by the body.


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