High pH / Alkaline water

Our bodies function best when they are neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Unfortunately almost all of us have become acidic due to diet, drinks and stress, both psychological and pollution. The degree of acidity or alkalinity is measured in terms of a value known as pH which ranges from 0 on the acidic side to 14 on the alkaline.

Our blood system is always working to keep itself within the narrow range of pH from 7.35 to 7.45. This is a process of homeostasis. A highly acidic blood pH level of 6.9 will induce coma and death.

In 1932, Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that the body can only become diseased when in an acidic state (pH level below 7.0). This is true of all diseases from the common cold to cancer. The optimum blood pH is 7.4. At that pH level, the immune system is usually able to maintain a healthy body. When the body pH drops to below 7.0, acid waste builds up. A modern diet can be extremely acidic - soft drinks, processed food, red meat, dairy and sugar all deposit acid waste in our bodies creating an ideal environment for various diseases to thrive. Ionized alkaline water may flush out acid wastes from our body.

To give an every day picture of pH in our bodies, imagine the effect of pouring a glass of cola into a water container holding 10 gallons (around 38 litres). Just an 8-ounce glass (250ml) of cola slashes the pH from 7.4 to 4.6 - very acidic. Your body consists of about 10 gallons of water, which is supposed to be slightly alkaline.


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