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"Aging is a Phenomenon of our Body Becoming Gradually Drier" (Dr. Ishihari Yumi)...

Waters Revived have invested many years researching, testing and presenting to our customers the most effective structured water products on the market which improve the hydration, energy and productivity of your water.

We believe that your health and wellness is the most valuable and irreplaceable asset you have so you can live a life of purpose and experience abundance that living water provides. As water is the foundation of health and life, if you continue to abuse, neglect or drink low quality water, you may do so at the expense of your wellbeing!

The quality of the water you drink is central to your longevity. This is because 70-90% of your body is water and 99.999% of your body's cells are water, so we faithfully search the market, so that you can drink and use the very best spring-like water which your body, pets and plants love and thrive in.

All of products and devices neutralise the energies of chemicals, toxins and other poulltants which compromise your immune system and wellbeing. In addition, the structured water units we offer soften and increase the energy of your water without chemicals, electricity or magnets.

And that's not all!... Structured water more easily enters your cells so that you can rest assured that you will benefit from more efficient nutrient transport and absorption, waste elimination. In this way, we help you to improve your health, physical performance, metabolism, weight loss efforts, skin and hair quality, as well as improving the productivity of the water you use.

This is because our water restructuring devices transform your hard water into softer, more usable water (at a cellular level) which is able to efficiently hydrate, transport nutrients, detoxify and save you time and money for years to come!

Our product range are best suited for personal, domestic or commercial use and work in harmony with your filtered, reverse osmosis, distilled water or water softener. As a company, we we invest our time to find, test and present the best water -enhancing solutions to you, so you don't have to!

This saves you time and money, as well as equipping you with structured water devices which liberate you from having to periodically purchase water products which make little noticeable difference to the quality and feel of your water as a whole.

Our Intention...

Waters Revived aim to connect with and inspire you who are interested and understand the importance of water for your health and wellness journey, are already health-conscious and proactive about their health, seeking solutions continually to enhance your physical performance and overall state of wellbeing.

You will also have a passion to thrive in your life, career or calling so you can have impact and add value to those you meet. For when balance is restored to your body, home, garden or business, and purpose is embraced in and throughout your life and relationships, you will experience the abundance and joy that you deserve!

We aim to provide lasting and complimentary water treatment solutions and encourage you, our customer to invest in water technologies which improve the state of your water so that you can maximize your water productivity within your body, home, garden or business.

We dilligently seek to offer you the customer affordable, yet high quality structured water products which will help you to get the most out of your water. This is so that your water can better serve you as it was designed to.

These various water structuring products are presented and offered to our customers with the express aim of assisting you in your search for items that:

  • Softer, Smoother Water

  • Boosts Energy & Immunity

  • Pain Relief

  • Increases Flexibility

  • Enhances Physical Performance

  • Improves Cellular Hydration & Sleep

  • Constipation Relief

  • May Reduce Anxiety, Headaches & Fatigue

  • Promotes Healthy Skin & Hair

  • Weight Loss Aid

  • Appetite Control

  • Improves Digestion

  • Boosts Concentration & Alertness

  • Reduces Hangovers

  • Prevents Short-Term Memory Loss

  • Removes Toxic Energies from Water

  • Increased Cellular Hydration & Nourishment

  • Increased Vitality

  • Prevents limescale

  • Efficient Waste Removal

  • Regulates Body Temperature

  • Reduces Allergic & Asthmatic Symptoms

You can learn more about the benefits of drinking structured and energized water via this resource we strongly recommend entitled 'Water: My Elixir' written by Dr Nadine (N.D., C.N.S.).

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"There are many kinds of waters available today, but we ensure your water is softer, balanced and free of negative energies which can harm your body, home and the environment"

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